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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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40                       THE FATE OF MAN

all are the elements of dehumanization in the lif
of modern society and the modern state,


Freedom in social life presents a paradox whic]
gives rise to a whole series of contradictions
We are living in an epoch of the acute contra
dictions of freedom*   In the political and th
economic spheres, freedom is passing through ;
degenerate form.   The principles which ono
were revered as the assurances of liberty hav<
lost their power and no longer inspire mankind
The principles of the French Revolution hav<
been outlived.   Modern  youth  is   no   longe:
interested even in the ideology of Liberalism o:
that of democracy*   Formal democratic parlia
mentarisni has compromised itself;   it sufferi
from an inertia so terrible that it is evident!)
incapable of reforming society*

The freedom of the spirit is a sacreci symbo
whose significance cannot be limited by a giver
time or by the changing forms of a given epoch,
Nevertheless, freedom in social, political or ever)
cultural life has lost its power to inspire, mem
have cooled toward it; they no longer believe
in it. We are living in an epoch of the decadence
of liberty. Liberty has become a deceiver. It
has become a principle of Conservativism, and
not seldom has it been used to conceal human